The superstar player is retired from International Cricket. There are some popular tales concerned with Dhoni.
During the T-20 World Cup between Pakistan and India, the match conditions were really stressful. Pakistan was almost near to the victory and India just needed one wicket to ace the match.
Instead, Harbhajan Singh, MS Dhoni asked Joginder, to bowl. It was a surprising thing as he has never played for India before. He was given a chance for the very first time. Mahi had a strong belief for Joginder that he can turn the table. Finally, Joginder managed to take the wicket and India won the world cup. Everybody in the stadium was cheering and enjoying it. Meanwhile, Dhoni took off his T-shirt and gave it to a kid. This moment was really surprising and created a memory after Ganguly did the same.
In 2002, NatWest Series was going on in England Tour. India won in that series and Ganguly took off his T-shirt in the heat of excitement.